Where are they made?

Our Jamu and Sambal are made in a certified commercial kitchen in San Francisco, California.

What is Jamu?

Jamu is a a blend of spices, known for centuries, for their healing benefits. The World Health Organization has confirmed that jamu, a traditional healing system of the Indonesian people, when consumed properly could maintain overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. 

What is Sambal?

Sambal is a perfect blend of aromatic root spices and chillies that makes any dish incredibly delicious and memorable. Sambal is a healthy and delicious food products. Using Sambal as a base for your favorite dish will it aromatic, bold, and colorful. Children will have a different view of eating vegetables. Ingredients matter when making our Jamu-Earth Drink, and Sambal-Broth & Sauces. We select the freshest ingredients from the local farmers' markets. In 2011 we added sambal, a chili-based sauces and condiments made with local ingredients.

Shipping and Handling
Currently, we use USPS Flat rate shipping. 

When can I receive my order?
Seven to ten days

Any discounts or coupons?
PayPal has no discount or coupon 

Wholesaler pricing?
Yes, available, but we need your reseller' permit number. Scan and send it to info@thesajenstore.com,