A powerful beverage,formulated for overall health and wellness. First created in Indonesia, jamu is deeply rooted in the sacred text of the Javanese people since the Sri Vijaya civilization. Today, more than 350 million people around the world consider it as a perfect drink to keep them witty and well. 

The best and most effective jamu is handmade with carefully selected fresh-cut ingredients. Modern science has just discovered the benefits of turmeric and its contribution to our overall health and wellness when they uncovered that curcumin in turmeric delivers antioxidants, anti-inflammation, and anti-fungal benefits. Researchers are keen to learn more about the ingredients used in jamu such as temulawak (java turmeric), finger roots, galangal, and other aromatic roots found wild in the tropical rainforest. 

The New York Times has described turmeric as the "superstar of spices" and listed it as one of the eleven best foods missing in western diet. 

Jamu has a positive role in the Indonesian health care system. It is the "go-to" item when one gets depressed, tired, and feeling out of control. 

The ingredienst in jamu are known for their healing benefits such as ginger, turmeric, and galangal.  Medical community is keen in the use of turmeric as a nutritional theraphy as it has been found to help in diabetes disorder, kidney & liver disorders, and many modern-day and age related ailments.

SAJEN Jamu-Earth Drink®

Sajen Jamu-Earth Drink is a local product, inspired by the beauty jamu of Central Java, Indonesia. They are made in San Francisco, California. Sajen jamu captures the goodness of mother nature, and it falls  within the wellness category. Using our family tradition, we use only fresh-cut ingredients with no artificial flavors or color. They are low in calories, and in making jamu we wish to share our food culture - earthy, bold, aromatic, flavorful, and deeply connected to our ancestors. 

JAMU Active

JAMU Balance

JAMU Purify

JAMU Renew