S A J E N Project

Sajen Projects began it journey, making jamu-health & beauty beverages in San Francisco Bay Area. Jamu is traditional healing drink of its ancestors, the Javanese people of Indonesia. We love jamu and have been consuming it since childhood. We also love the food culture of Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. In creating sustainable, healthy and delicious food products of our ancestors by hand, we wish to remember and preserve what we have inherited from them. Our jamu is made with fresh-cut ingredients. Each jamu is packed with superfoods and superstar of spices and it delivers natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Just as our grandmothers made them, we do not use additives or preservatives.

It began as a woman-owned small business based in San Francisco with one goal: promote healthy living by creating products that is local, organic, and sustainable raw ingredients. Morsinah Katimin formed her company, to share her food culture, and to continue her family tradition, originating from Central Java, Indonesia, by offering uncommonly good, healthy, nutritious, and delicious food products. She chose sajen as her company name as it is a reflection of her Javanese and Balinese traditions, of offering our gratitude to the ancient gods. Throughout the years, in islamic Indonesia, the word sajen has evolved to describe community feasting to honor, remember our ancestors, and observe religious holidays.

Raised in Singapore in a deeply Javanese tradition, Morsinah has been consuming both of her product lines since childhood. Affected by the 2008 financial crisis, she feels the time is right to introduce her own product lines, beginning with what she knows and loves best, food. Her food journey really began with the formation of her company in San Francisco, California, and rediscovered the gems that were left by her ancestors. Before 2010, she lived and worked in developing countries, implementing projects funded by United Nations Development Program good governance, and local economic development. One of the projects was providing technical supports to producers of indigenous products and its distribution system. Now, she looks forward to working with these producers and creating markets for their products in the United States.Since its inception, Sajen Inc. has had some success, thanks to our consumers.

  • In 2010, we introduced Jamu-Earth Drinks to the market

  • In 2012, we introduced Sambal-broths & sauces to the market

  • Winner of GOOD FOOD AWARD, 2018 - pantry category

  • A winner of Watson's, chain pharmacy & beauty product award, Malaysia

  • Collaboration with Perak Agro Herbal Sdn. Bhd to manufacture our product lines

  • Established a joint venture in Malaysia, manufacturing and distributing our products

  • Named a winner of British Airways travel award, 2011