If you want to know any culture, look no further, FOOD. It is reflection of one's culture and mannerism. Often, people speak about their food culture with pride, honor, and remembrance, so are we. We take pride of our food heritage.

We want to tell a story of our culture through food. So we decided the best way is to begin writing about food or snacks of our parents and grandparents, open up to the world of our unique food that many ethic groups and cultural heritage has co-opted them and minimizing our contributions. Our snack is presented to the media at the NFL 2015, Thai Chili Peanuts

In November 2020, we began our journey in restaurant food, through various food delivery platforms. We hope to gain attention of foodies and food writers in the Bay Area, and we are still waiting for them to discover us. We named our restaurant, SAMBAL-SAMBAL, for a simple reason sambal is the foundation of Indonesian and Malaysian Food, a blend of a variety of fresh-cut ingredients and seasoned them with coconut sugar, salt, and tamarind. Such blend provides a taste like no other.

Some called the "symphony of spices" while others call it "the thing that people dream of meals at home, made by mothers and grandmothers." An Indonesian expatriate recently said, "ohh, the flavors is so Javanese." Only Indonesians could discern if the food is truly cooked by Javanese, Minang, Batak, Bali, Menado, or Lombok that make up the republic of Indonesia. Many of my customers have said, "there is no Indonesian food in San Francisco, the ones here are fake flavors." Ahhh

In July 2021, we continue our journey in restaurant food, through various food delivery platforms. We venture into Malaysian Comfort Food. Why? A popular food influencer in the Bay Area, a Malaysian, told us in a face-to-face interview that Malay Food (Malay ethnic community in Malaysia) that Malay food consists of nothing but beansprouts and cucumber, thus not worthy of promoting them. We felt slighted and we decided to carry out our project of introducing food that we ate growing up.

M&Y - Malaysian Comfort Food was born, honoring the traditional country roadsides restaurants. These roadside restaurants, pre-1960s, were meandering country roads that connected towns, cities including Singapore. The food were simple, fresh-cut ingredients from people gardens, and steaming hot rice yet they are nourishing and flavorful. And many found love and marriage along these roads. Want to know stories of these love and marriage?

Coming Soon!

In November 2021, we continue our journey in food: sweets and snacks.

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