Gado-gado Salad


Indonesian Salad

Serves 3

Began as a street food in Indonesian urban and rural areas, Gado-gado is a simple farmer meal, consisting of vegetables and rice, smothered with awesome peanut sauce. It is formulated to give the maximum healthy and nutritious meal to hardworking farmers. Today it has become one of the culinary treasures of the Indonesian people.Try it!

½ cup boiled sweet potato (cut into cubes)

½ cup boiled potato (cut into cubes)

½ cup steamed shredded cabbage

½ cup steamed green beans

½ cup steamed shredded carrots

½ cup steamed zucchini (julienne)

¼ cup sliced cucumber

¼ cup blanched bean sprouts

4 oz. grilled tofu

4 oz. grilled tempeh

6 vegetable chips (Terra) optional

4 T. Sambal Gado-gado

2 T. hot water or vegetable stock

Arrange cut vegetables on a serving plate. Begin with potatoes and sweet potatoes then steamed vegetables, top it with grilled tofu and tempeh. Whisk sambal gado-gado and hot water in a small bowl to combine. Pour the dressing over the vegetables just before serving.



Indonesian Fruit Salad with peanut dressing

Serves 2

Rujak is a popular mid-afternoon snack in Indonesia. It can be eaten with rice too. It has become a popular snack in Malaysia and SIngapore, popularized by the Malay-speaking people. Rujak depends on its special peanut sauce, Now, you can enjoy rujak (or rojak in Malaysia and Singapore) in the Bay Area with our special Sambal Rujak, made in San Francisco. Rujak is light yet good enough to keep you feeling full..Try it!

½ cup jicama (cut into cubes or sliced-up)

½ cup cucumber(cut into cubes or sliced-up)

½ cup freshly cut pineapples

½ cup chayote (cut into cubes or sliced-up)

½ cup shredded carrots

½ cup blanched collard greens

¼ cup blanched bean sprouts

4 oz. grilled tofu

1 package Sambal Rujak

2 T. ground roasted peanuts (for garnish)

Arrange fresh-cut ingredients in a salad bowl. Pour Sambal Rujak and toss. Sprinkle ground roasted peanuts before serving. Enjoy!

Sambal Gado-gado

Rujak Fruit Salad

Sambal Rujak